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“I can’t describe how much better I feel. I don’t feel that the pain is permanent any more. I can get better!”
~ L. Jolly, Brown Summit NC

“Health 1st of Greensboro’s staff is like being at home just working on your troubled areas. Thanks again Health 1st and I will recommend anyone who needs help to come here!”
~ B. Davis, Greensboro NC

“If it wasn’t for Dr. Mays, I probably wouldn’t be walking today!”
~ Valerie McDonald

“I broke my neck during a diving accident 20 years ago and have also had lower and upper back problems. I am active and have just been living with the pain. Now I am remaining active but with no pain. Dr. Mays is a great doctor and great guy. My lifestyle has completely changed since I’ve been getting treatment. Before if I had problems, I would be out for a couple of days. Before January of 2004, I hurt every night. Now I have no problems sleeping . With my active lifestyle, if I hurt, I simply go in to see Dr. Mays and that’s the end of the pain. Everything I am able to do I can do without pain thanks to Health 1st”
~ David Mayers

“I was new to the area and was looking for an office similar to the one I had worked in before… specifically for a kid-friendly practice. I felt very comfortable with the office, and Dr. Mays is caring, funny, and makes sure you are comfortable with your care. He ensures that you’re informed and the staff is super caring, friendly and accommodating. Treatment ensured a healthy pregnancy for me and I have too many glowing things to say about the office and Health 1st.”
~ Heather Calfee

“I had pain almost daily for the past two years, causing mood swings and frustration. Now, not having pain everyday of my life makes work and home life much more pleasant. Words cannot explain!”
~ Melissa Hill

“Prior to my visit to North Carolina, I suffered an injury to my shoulder that was interfering with my training. I went to see Dr. Mays at Health 1st to help eliminate some of this pain and resolve other issues I developed from grappling. It is very important for me to continue my high volume of training in order to stay prepared for upcoming competitions. Regular visits with Dr. Mays made it possible for me to stay in the gym and continue preparing for my next event. I travel around the world, and within the U.S., competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. The professionalism, knowledge, and kind staff are amongst the best I have ever seen. I highly recommend any athlete to see Dr. Mays, at Health 1st, on a regular basis for injury prevention and healing. To stay on top of your sport, you should add these visits in to your training regime.”
~ Daniel Garcia Black Belt Team Nova Uniao Brazilian National Champion Maringa, Brazil

“I had neck and shoulder pain that become chronic over a two year period and did not think anything short of surgery would help. It go to the point where even taking out the garbage was painful. I used ibuprofen, muscle relaxers and heat for the pain. I began treatment and in 6-8 weeks I could not believe I was completely pain free! I’m feeling good now and I come for care on a regular basis just to stay feeling good. I would absolutely tell my friends about the office and I’ve made several referrals already.”
~ Nancy Frame

“I came in from a car accident with pain between the shoulder blades and neck and I could hardly walk. Now I feel looser and I always felt great after treatment. The pleasant staff and no wait service was enjoyable and produced great results for me. I would recommend them and come back if need be.”
~ Sherri Bethea

“I had knee pain and had pain when walking, going up stairs and I couldn’t run. I had been to the orthopedist and chiropractor but the pain continued. I was referred to Health 1st and the doctors and staff did everything possible to help my condition. I was treated very well and the service was great. I feel 80% better and I would recommend them to everybody.”
~ Victor Rodriguez

“My neck and back pain was bad after a car accident. I had taken pills but the pain continued. After treatment in the office I felt stronger. The doctors and staff at Health 1st are nice, good people!”
~ Betty Stephens

“I had lower lumbar strain for about 2 months. I came to Health 1st and you put me on a regime which led to a quick recovery. I feel looser and in less pain than before. Even if it’s just for 1 visit “GO” – you’ll thank me…!”
~ Antonio G.

“Dear Dr. Mays, When you first came to your practice in High Point, I came to see you about my lower back. You were very open and honest with me about my treatments. I really appreciated this. This was years ago, and I’m still getting my treatments from you and I want you to know how much I appreciate your helping me through the years. I really appreciate your being there to treat me. I appreciate the Staff. They are most friendly and pleasant. May God Bless you all. With all sincerity”
~ Shirley d.