We appreciate Dr. Mays. He has helped both of us with help that we sometimes do not get from medical people.
They give excellent care and they make sure that you are well taken care off. I like that they explain each procedure or exercise to you . I also like how they greet you by name. They make you feel like you are apart of a family.
The best!!
love it
My family and I have been patients of Dr. Mays for many years. Every time I see Dr. Mays, he is always smiling, so personable, and makes you feel welcomed. He listens about the ache and pain complaints with no judgement. Dr. Mays is very professional and knows exactly what treatment to use to help you feel better. His staff is very knowledgeable and kind. I highly recommend for anyone to set up a consultation with Dr. Mays. You won't regret it.
A one appointment Wonder....I walked into Dr. Mays office with a stiff painful neck and walked out with hardly any pain or stiffness. Guess who I will call next time I take a hard tumble onto a concrete courtyard. Thank You Dr. Mays
Staff very nice and concerned. Feel like they may be able to help me.
I would tell others that Health 1st is a great doctors office. Great atmosphere, doctor, and staff. Highly recommend!!!
Excellent therapia con Dr..smith
Has been wonderful place to go for physical therapy. the staff is great.
My experience has been wonderful. Everyone is very knowledgeable and helpful. Come here is leading to recovery from my injury pains.
In all the years I've been coming to Health 1st High Point, the service has been amazing. From the front desk staff to Dr. Mays, excellent service!
The staff and doctor are friendly and efficient. The treatment provided is great and nothing like I expected. I really like that they incorporate physical exercises along with massages and adjustments.
May Buena atención.
La clinica me ayudo antes con el dolor en mi espalda. Volvi debido a un accidente de auto y estoy mejorando gracias a Dr.Piazza. Denyce es muy amable y mi ayuda traducir con el doctor
Dr. Mays and his excellent staff provide effective and personalized chiropractic care. I was able to be secure a first appointment rapidly and experienced...
I would tell other that my experience was wonderful. The ladies there take good care of me. I have been through a rough time lately and when I come on my daily visits I am always greated with a smile and also by my name. They make sure everything is taken care before I leave. I always have a good experience each day I come. Makes me feel welcomed. Thank you Ladies and Doc.
Great service with this office. Glad I came here
Muy buen doctor y bonita experiencia
Dr. Smith is great went here for an back and wrist. They have both continued to get better. The staff is very professional, very dependable, amd friendly.
Dr. Mays and staff are always amazing. I'm feeling better already.
I would highly recommend Dr. Mayes and his team. They are all courteous, professional, informative, polite in everything they do. Very personal individuals, I fee a genuine concern about my well being when I am there.
Wonderful to work with!
Such a geat staff and funny doctor
I am so thankful for Health 1st. Dr. Smith and the staff are professional people friendly helpers to folks in need. I came to Health1 a month ago and my pains from being hit by a drunk driver has decreased 80 to 90 percent. My neck was cracking and I couldn't bend it from side to side without excruciating pain. Now I am able to in my head Bend my ear to my shoulder 80% last pain. My back pain has decreased by 90% shoulder pain has decreased and a hundred percent. This was after visit visiting a different chiropractor in town for two months prior. The people at the other office we're very nice weather process helping people who's for the money. I did not see Improvement in my pain level for the two months that I visited the first chiropractor. I am so grateful to Dr. Smith his staff for all of the hard work and persistence in helping a little old lady feel younger again.
The staff is alway amazingly pleasant and helpful. They make you feel like family.
Very impressed with this facility! I love how they incorporate physical therapy into my treatment plan!
I definitely would recommend this facility to others! Everyone is very professional and I love how they incorporated physical therapy into my treatment plan
Kind and considerate staff
My experience has been terrific. All of the staff is wonderful, and I feel like my visits there have really made a difference.
Dr. Mays is the best chiropractor I have ever been to. My husband and I both love him and he helps with every visit. Thank you Doctor Mays!
Dr. Mays and his staff are very professional, friendly and amazing. He is a caring and thorough doctor. They make you feel like your family.
Dr. May's and his staff are very professional. Dr. May's has helped me recover from a debilitating injury, and I now have regained most of my mobility. Thanks Dr. May's and staff!!!
My family has been coming to Dr. Mays for years and we have recommended him many times to many of our friends. He is always happy to see his patients and makes sure he is thorough in his evaluation of their problems and treatment options. Thanks Dr. Mays for always being there for our family!
Love Dr. Mays he is is awesome chiropractor and he has the most knowledgeable and pleasant staff I recommend him to all my friends!!!
Dr. Mays and his staff are an excellent team. He has delivered to me wonderful chiropractic care and restored to me quality of life. I thank them all and highly recommend them to anyone .
Very helpful.. I would recommend your services without hesitation .
llegué a la oficina con dolor de espalda debido al trabajo. Y me ayudaron a deshacerme del dolor. Recomiendo encarecidamente servicos. Fue ùtil tener un orador español
Dr. Mays and his staff have given me reliable, kind, helpful service with weekly visits for an adjustment and therapies that are helping reverse conditions in my legs, back, head, and general wellness of my whole body. I am a licensed massage therapist and a school teacher. I know my body and have found someone in Dr. Mays who works with me to get gradual and sound improvements. I plan to continue working toward really sound improvements and continue learning about specific ways to achieve the good health that is possible, at any age! I am 77 now and do not see any reason I cannot go on being healthy as long as I learn and do my part! Thank you for coming along beside me, Dr. Mays, Kat, and Yolanda!
Over the past 15+ years I have referred your office and services to everyone who tells me of pain to their back, and legs. I speak highly of the professionalism and personal care that you offer.
I would recommend Dr. Mays to anyone that is hurting. I have had many problems over the years and he has always been eager to try and help me. I have had much more relief from his treatments than most doctors and this is without drugs. He explains things and sometimes he will suggest I see a dr. He is the best chiropractor I have even been to and I reccomend him to anyone.
Dr. Mays has helped me tremendously to overcome arthritic neck pain. Chiropractic Care and proper weight training has decreased my discomfort. I used to visit quite often but over time, my body adjusted. I feel pain free most of the time now. The staff always works with me with appointments and are easy to work with! Thank you:)
I'm a believer in natural healing versus healing with pharmaceuticals !! This place is your "one-stop" fix-all.......well, most of it. Dr. Mays and his crew are the best. I've been a patient for years and the service is excellent. Staff is great ! Would you like to fix the actual problem or cover it up with drugs? Dr. Mays investigates and treats the issue, not band-aid the problem only to have the problem re-surface later just to make a dollar.
Mom had been told by her Dr. that surgery at 80 years old was out, and she would just have to live with the back pain. He would "Dope" her up to help her tolerate the pain but she would just have to live with it, it's part of getting old. Her Dr. had advised her against Chiropractic for whatever reason. (personal opinion withheld). As a patient of Dr. Mays on numerous occasions in my life I finally convinced her to see him for a consultation. I would not have taken her to just anyone. I needed someone I trusted that had the personality and skill to make her feel comfortable both physically and emotionally. It took 1 visit, and she fell in love with him and trusted him completely. She says often she will be a lifelong patient and wishes she had listened to me and gone sooner. She can now walk more than 5 minutes without having to sit down, and in fact she is now able to drive and shop like she loves to do. (Dad's not to crazy about that however)Lol Thanks to Dr. Mays she is now feeling spry, cleaning house, cooking, shopping and playing with her Great Grandchild, pushing her in her Little Tikes Car, reading her books in her lap, and riding in the golf cart with her rather than sitting in a recliner in a zombie state that her regular Dr. had convinced her she would spend the rest of her life doing. Thanks Dr. Mays, you gave me my Mom back, and gave little Cheyenne a Great Grandmother to play with and receive lot's of love from.
Dr. Mays listens well; is very knowledgeable about a wide range of medical and health issues; is good humored; and requires very little wait time.
I tell others as often as I hear that they have any ailment that could be helped by Chiropractic. We love your office, Dr. Mays is the best. We plan on...
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