Health First is a state of the art chiropractic center providing the most talented chiropractors in NC.

We have chiropractic offices in Greensboro, High Point, Reidsville, Winston Salem and Burlington, NC and strive to provide the most effective chiropractic treatments for patients in our area.

Our practice includes the conservative treatment of disorders of the neck and back, soft tissue sprains and strains, non-surgical intervertebral disc lesions, carpal tunnel syndrome, whiplash associated disorders, fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndromes, as well as headaches and migraines. We use the latest FDA approved equipment and technology available, and combine medicine, physical rehabilitation, chiropractic and massage to ensure fast, long lasting results for our patients. We are committed to providing the newest and best in technological advances and techniques to achieve maximum results for our patients.

Each patient will be treated like a member of our family and will receive the best of care. If we believe we can help you, we will offer to try. If we can not help you, we will refer you to the appropriate specialist. At Health First we know that you and your health concerns are unique. That is why our practice combines the unique talents of traditional medicine, physical rehabilitation, chiropractic and massage. Our multi-specialty team provides you with a non-surgical approach to your pain or injury. Health First is committed to providing the highest quality of health services to help restore each patient to optimal health and well being.

At Health First our goal is to offer relief of pain while working to correct the cause of your condition and maintain your health, with you as an active participant. The most successful health program is devoted to both healing and restoration of complete function.

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